Manifesta 11 Parallel Events, Zürich 2016

(unchosen) proposal for Manifesta 11, Parallel Events, Zurich 2016:

«What People Do For Money: Some Joint Ventures»

Kites (the sky is the only constant)


…our proposal is to exhibit multicultural kite ventures together with, and made by, children of immigrants or refugees currently residing in and around Zürich. The children will be invited to make their own kites from found materials (as in reality, ref. Haiti). Our aim is not to make distinctions between cultures, yet to offer a space/place for these children to have a presence, through showcasing their own methods of kite making and kite flying.

Our goal is to contribute to creating a statement and awareness of the plight of refugees within the current European situation. We are inspired by the actions of Syrian children at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, who with the assistance of the Save the Children organisation, flew kites to rise awareness of their plight.


As facilitators of this event, we propose to work closely with various organisations in Zürich and in Switzerland, to select at least 150 children to make the kites.

We propose to liaise with institutions, organisations, companies, and private citizens directly to raise funding: with emphasis on “in kind” donations. This opens up a discourse whether people are willing to „give in kind“ as well. If not, and the “in kind” sponsorship approach fails, that in itself becomes a statement.. „

An installation and event proposed by

Gordana Bezanov MA – Artist (UK)

Martin Siegrist – Architect HTL/FH (CH)

Tom Schacher – Architect EPFL (CH)

Joanna Grasso MFA – Curator (USA)