a Liquid Space @SHED (an exclusive space for artists)

a  Liquid Space

Andrew J Smaldone

@SHED (an exclusive space for artists)


„There are these big themes in art like memory and space and time. And of course my work is about all of them. Yet sometimes I tire of the themes. Because ultimately it would be best to live in the moment.

Which is why I ultimately prefer space over time: space is felt and time is measured.“

number_5 GmbH Architecture and Art are pleased to present new works (and a 10 year retrospective) by Andrew J Smaldone.

Winner of the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant for 2015, Andrew’s new works explore both surface and space, a process he initiated in 2005 during his MA (Fine Art) year at Central St. Martins College of Art in London.

Ten years have passed since the first of the “monochromes”, and working within this fluid space brings awareness into a long-term and on-going discourse we’ve been having: the “non-space”. This awkward terminology shows our attempt to describe in words an awareness of something that is present, yet not usually seen, nor is it tangible, thus it is not an “absence” as such of space, yet more alike a fullness of its opposite aspect. As Andrew describes, it is like penetrating through the wall to observe it form the inside of itself.