ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award 2008-2009 Dubai

(unchosen) proposal for ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award 2008-2009 Dubai


blue tower

a landmark full of optimism

spreading out freshness

like a spring

a building in symbiosis with the nature

water – always in circulation

like ideas – like life

a palm tree structure

holding everything together

referring to its building sie

defining the form – the center

inside – a concentrated space

cool atmosphere for cool thinkers

theatre stage – spiral library –

blackblue lounge –

highlighted by the shimmering blue light

of the aquarium

outside platforms – strolling people

piazza – bazaar – café – vertical garden –

come and go

on the top – the neon bar

lightning flashing throughout the night

drive sweet slumber aways from my eyes

everything permeated with water

cooling down the air

bringing freshness to the people

like a stream falling in love with a tree

know that they need each other…

and over all this blue light…

The sea was our guest at high tide-

it came into the house

at high tide and that was fine

we were used to it

this openness – this openness to the colour blue.”

Ahmad al Assam, Poet

The National 25.08.2008

Martin Siegrist – Architect HTL/FH used to have long hair but still drives a mean bike (or two)

Thomas Wirsing – Architect Dipl.Ing MAS ETH wears glasses and thinks like Sloterdijk

Dr. Bodo Hattendorf Ph.D – Inorganic Chemistry has long hair and drives a mean bike

Gordana Bezanov MA – artist consultant coffee maker unpaid and overworked